Authors Statement

“To unclasp my hands from my mouth and let the thoughts come to the page; unafraid, unjudged, and unapologetic.” ┬áPatricia YoungMoms_Photoshoot_017

4 Responses to Authors Statement

  1. Warren says:

    Nicely written ^_^

  2. A beautiful site. I’m hoping this will subscribe me to your blog.

    • Patty Young says:

      Dear Sally, Please, please forgive me for not responding sooner. I have had some terrible issues with my computer and the life sort of attacked lol! Things have calmed down considerably and I am digging out from under months of correspondences. You do not know how much your words mean to me. Isn’t it funny – your timing is absolutely perfect. Many, many thanks. Breathe Deep, Think Peace, Patty

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