Humility and Respect for the Process

Touched By Words – The Journey of a Writer is almost three years old.  In this time, I have met some challenging, terrible, people who stand with nose raised as a ‘published’ author.  Thankfully I have met more amazing, wonderful, encouraging people who are also ‘published’ authors.  I’ve learned that the writing world is a very different and interesting place to be.  For the most part there is encouragements, a wealth of information to read and explore.  Thousands of opportunities to take classes, workshops and seminars.  As well as writing circles, book clubs and sharing a place in the shade of a park with just one other person as you put pen to page is just as amazing.

I really had no idea what I was going to try and accomplish beginning this journey.  Don’t’ they say it’s not the destination – it IS the journey?  Well, that is absolutely true.  I’ve been walking the writer’s path religiously since June 2012.  I’ve learned a lot, yet I know there are volumes more waiting.  There are people I’ve met writing their first book with no end in sight.  It has been a true labor of, well, I’m not sure love anymore, and five years later are still putting down the building blocks down for the story.

There are also people I’ve met that are on their third book.  With a bright smile they share their stories and knowledge, but also want to hear my story.  Talk about a rush!  Really?  You’d like to hear my story?  Wow!

When my daughters took beginners classes in piano, as well as workshops in basketball and soccer, and even horseback riding lessons for a time.  The word competition was often heard.  It was never just for the love of something.  There was always going to be a concert, a tournament, an end of year something.  Writing is not like that at all.  It is between you and you.

You can choose to be your worst enemy or best friend.  You can bitch and moan and shout and complain, or create beautiful poetry, a love sonnet, funny story, or heartfelt memory.  It is your decision, your passion, your joy.  There is no finish line.

I thought this months blog was going to be my announcement that my first book was complete.  That I have worked hard, followed my editor’s direction and advice, re-written, re-formatted, re-configured and re-thought chapters.  And I did, but what I did not count on was my enthusiasm.  I worked so fast and furious that I made mistakes.  For example, I copied certain sections or pages that I wanted moved, but neglected to turn off the Control C – so in turn it copied that section again without me even realizing it.  To the point I corrupted my own file.  My novel looked like it fell down and shattered into a thousand pieces.

So instead of announcing my book is a solid first draft awaiting evaluation.  I am untangling my story.  Chapter by chapter, line by line.  It is mind numbing.  But you know what?  It had to happen.  It has made me slow down, look more carefully at what I’m doing and what I’m writing.  As I pick up the pieces and begin to stitch them back together – I see improvement.  A stronger design, a better use of thread, fabric that is bold.  It has turned out to be exactly what should have happened.  I needed this to happen without realizing the ‘why’ behind it.

So dear reader – as I complete this blog for August.  I announce that I am hoping my book will be completed to the best of my ability – soon.  But not today.  I encourage you to look at the bumps in your life, in your writing and observe it with a craftsman’s eye – what is right in front of you, and how you can learn from it, grow from it, and be a better writer because of it.  I wish you patience and humility and in the end – pride.

Pride to accomplish what you want to do in the best way you can do it.  So take your time.  Live in your story a while.  Push it aside and when you come back to it, I bet you’ll see there are things you can and will write better than before.  I’d LOVE to hear from you!

Breathe Deep, Think Peace


About Patricia Young

Patricia Young spent most of her life in the Northeast. Before the casinos arrived and many of the safety rails installed, she would hike Bushkill Falls and enjoy time in a little cabin by Meadow Lake near the Delaware Water Gap. The school year was spent in New Jersey, but many summers were spent in Mississippi where she wandered in the woods, rode horses, and read piles of comic books with cousins. After graduating from college with a degree in education, she taught fifth grade in Bayside, Queens. When rent climbed to high for her salary she working for the defense industry in Yonkers before starting a small business called, The Giving Tree Day Care. For fifteen years she was "held hostage by two-year-olds!" Writing every day in a notebook for each child to keep communication open to each family. Fast forward to the spring of 2013 diagnosed with severe carpal tunnel syndrome (she does NOT recommend having both hands done at the same time! Often wondering "What was I thinking?!") Physical therapy and time slowly began the healing process and gardening strengthened her hands. After an unexpected, but a deeply personal journey to Montana in the fall of 2013 she decided it was time to reinvent herself and embrace her fondness for writing. With renewed confidence, and a plan to do the work necessary to become a writer, she began writing every day (with the help of - thank you Kellianne and Buster!), submitting to a variety of magazines and contests to practice the craft. Attending writing retreats, workshops, lectures, taking classes, reading and immersing herself in the process. She began to work with writers and authors in the tri-state area. Currently living in Westchester New York Patty lives with her husband of 32 years, two dogs, two fish, and one cat in a little Cape Cod. The laughter, love, and support are plentiful. Patty has completed her first novel presently called "Northeast of 80". Working with her genre editor, she hopes and dreams and keeps fingers crossed to find an agent in the fall of 2019. You are invited to join her on this journey of a writer. To experience her trials, successes and stumbles along the way. Please share your own stories and maybe we can untangle some of the complexities of this writers life together. Breathe Deep, Think Peace
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5 Responses to Humility and Respect for the Process

  1. bodyworkspt says:

    I love this. Thank you.

  2. mine was a simple, but as frustrating, as a blank page that somehow – how? – got in there when I’d thought I’d gotten them all – grrr!

  3. now my pdf download to proof just doesn’t look right

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